2020-ongoing is an independent online gallery that exhibits month or two long exhibitions and various pop-up projects, created by two Estonian artists Kelli Gedvil and Kristen Rästas. is an environment where the internet has replaced the gallery space. It’s where artworks get exhibited solely for online viewing and are easily accessible to the public. Dependence on room rent and funding has raised a question whether a gallery really needs a long-term physical space or why do we think the artwork is more real when it gets shown in a physical form. Gallery spaces quite often become places of photo and video documentation that will later get distributed online. These documentations have the potential for a much wider audience than a geographically bounded space could ever achieve on its own. That especially in times, when our mobility and the future itself is more uncertain than ever. does not work on publishing artist portfolios or to create an alternative for a space. The website is the original exhibition space. The exhibitions get carefully curated according to the possibilities and peculiarities offered by the web environment which gets built from scratch for every new exhibition. Each art exhibition is based on the principle that it covers the entire website with no extraneous references or information, ensuring the purest and most aesthetic solution possible. aims to provide contemporary artists a safe space to exhibit their work and to find solutions on how to bring their physical or not-so-physical artworks naturally to a digital environment for a greater distribution.

Exhibitions are supported by the Cultural Endowment of Estonia.