Stop! Breaking the fourth wall is a bad idea!


A site-specific room installation in collaboration with Victoria Holdt. The installation got displayed at KASK the School of Arts Gent in Belgium. The title of the work suggests breaking the fourth wall which is a notion that separates the viewer from the viewed. This concept comes from performative arts. The installation space is a walkthrough corridor with glass walls. The see-through walls create the question of who is watching who. TVs play a synchronized video that is a screensaver style video of Laika the space dog who floats in and out of frame. The positioning of the TVs implies that one should look at them from outside of the corridor, while the inside of the corridor demystifies the artwork by presenting the back sides of the TVs and all the messy cables and wires. The installation comprises eight TVs, many cables and wires, media players, a hammer, iron shelves and the video.

Photo credit: Nanami Maeda.